Big Black Cock required To Fuck Me

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I am horny for some big black cock in me, especially looking for really dark black guys to fuck me bareback, even better if I can get 2 or 3 black guys to share me and take turns to fuck me. I am an experienced slut and have had many black cocks before, but not for a while.

So if you are are black and would like to fuck me as a swinger whilst Richard takes photos of our time together, please do get in touch, even better if you have friends who would like to share me with you.

Bareback Only
Photos will be taken

If there is a group of guys and one or two do not wish to fuck me bareback then I am happy to take a mouthful or a facial, but I do really need to feel a black cock inside me. The darker the better but not essential, nor is it essential to be well hung. So if you are a an ugly little fat Indian with a small cock I would still enjoy you fucking me. Just shows what a dirty slut i am.

Below is a photo of a guy who fucked me in Slough, look at all that spunk on his cock after he spunked in me and yes I did clean it up with my mouth

Sarah x x



Hi sarah am black 28 from hounlsow and you need a black guy then just email me.

Hi Sarah,

I'll be interested to help you with this. I've tried catching you before but work meant that I couldn't. However, I am around this afternoon and I see from your adultwork profile that you are 'working'today. I'll definately give you a call later to arrange a meet. We can discuss this then. Cant wait to shag you. Am throbbing just thinking about it. See you later !!!

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Sorry, I have had to cancel working today due to other commitments, I had hoped to be working taking escort bookings today and tomorrow as well as Friday but that is not going to happen now.

Very frustrating and I will be as horny as hell come Saturday. I will be next taking escort bookings in Winchester next Tuesday 30th August.

I may try and organise a swingers meet this week end or maybe visit a swingers club

Sarah x x

Hi Sarah I am a black male from Berkshire and would love to unload in you ........ am available for a meet will keep watching this space as it seems you are busy until the weekend.

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Just my usual comments:

Berkshire? It's a big place and you do not say if you can accommodate, I always let people know that I cannot accommodate, but I still let them know I am from Slough.

look forward to hearing more and fixing a meeting.


PS As a site member, why not post a blog with a couple of photos and some more details about yourself

Apologies for that lack of info ...... can accommodate let me know when you are in Windsor which is where I am and we can meet up!!! Or can we pencil in the morning and early part of the afternoon of 12th Sep ...... Saw your tweet re going to the shops I would absolutely love to watch you walking around the shops teasing every dirty bugger Inc myself ...... Let us know when you going again and I'll try and be wanking off in a changing room next to you!! Will sort out a couple of photos etc xx

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Not sure about the 12th of September, I don't plan that far ahead even when I am working for escort bookings. But will try and sort something out.

A lot of the time I only plan 2-3 days ahead as things have a habit of not working out, like me cancelling my two days working in Heathrow this week.

But Twitter is a great way to keep in touch as I post on there what I am doing as well as other thoughts.

Sarah x x

Hi, im 23yrs old, mixed race with an average sized cock based in hounslow, would love to join in with some bareback fun..give me a shout.

i would love to meet you baby and cum all over your sexy ass. tony from wembley.xx

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