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For Sarah

Here you go Sarah.

Most girls on AW seem to hate being sent cock pics.

Hope to introduce mine to your wet pussy soon.....


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Swinger Holiday - Looking For Cock

Once again I am off on my holidays, three weeks of chasing hard cock, they say a change is as good as a rest, well i am hoping to get as much cock in me as I can and I am sure Richard will be willing to let anybody and everybody use me.

Location, location, location

We've all seen the show...Phil Spence and Kirsty Allsop trying to find the 'forever home' for some very fussy people...

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Slut Wife Fucked By Seven Guys

What else can I say but a big thank you to the seven guys that fucked Sarah last night and especially to Steve who organised it all. Not quite what we had planned but could not resist the temptation of this genuine guy.


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