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Four Hundred Spanish Bulls

After advertising on a swingers contact site in Spain we had over 400 Spanish guys wanting to fuck me bareback, but communication is very difficult in these circumstances.

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Have You Retired?

Sarah, A question I am sure many are dying to ask you os have you retired from being an escort or are you thinking of doing so? You do not seem to be available to be fucked as much as you used to be.

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Our holy pilgrimage to find pussy!

There is nothing new under the sun! We are all on a pilgrimage to find pussy, preferably a wet sticky one, with which to conduct an act of bodily worship!

Cock sucking OR Licking?

is it just me or do any of you guys find that generally women lick your cock rather than suck it? being of more senior years 2 things have to happen for me to get a proper raging hard on, well when im awake that is ;-)

Year on

All most a year on from my first meeting with Sarah in H/Wycombe. And the very first time with an escort .

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Bareback Escort In Reading - MADDY STAR

I went to visit an escort on Adultwork by the name of MADDY STAR, she is a foreign girl but not sure what nationality she is.


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