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Slut Wife For Spanish Bulls

Once again my holiday turned into a slut fest of cock and spunk in a swingers club being used by anybody that wanted to fuck me or empty a cock into my willing slut mouth.

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New London Sex Cinema

It would seem that the final three sex cinemas in London were closed down last year from council pressure. These included Mr B's (ex Fantasy Video), Abcat and Oscars.

Cheeka_love in Golders Green

A few weeks back I got chance to visit Cheeka_love (AW username) in her place in Golders Green. It was a shortish notice escort booking made over the phone as I was horny and the Mrs was away for the night!

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Swingers Paying For Sex

Should swingers pay for sex? Many males seem to resent parting with money to get sex, this includes paying to get into swingers clubs or contributions to a hotel room.

Bareback escort In Skelmersdale - Molly37

I love to fuck bareback escorts and I dont care if they are young or old. I love to feel the spunk oozing around my cock as I fuck them. I recently visited Molly37 and was lucky to have her just after another guy had spunked in her.


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