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Gangbang In Spain - Swingers Club Slut

I am getting fucked more on holiday than I do at home, lets hope I have many holidays like this last one, a pre arranged bareback gangbang in a swingers club in La Carlotta, just outside Cordoba.Although, in the two weeks I was on holiday, I had v

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Brighton Escort Bookings

So many times I have been asked recently, when will I be available to be fucked by you guys, the answer is tomorrow and Wednesday, escort bookings in Brighton.

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My lost post from 5th March

There used to be this girl on Bankmore Street in Belfast called Samantha who usually had a guy sitting in a car watching her. Tall, good looking, always wore a corderoy cap, sometimes had a long wig, blonde one night, black the next.

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My lost post from 3rd April

Out for a drive tonight, It's Easter weekend, Good Friday, I really didn't expect to see a girl working in the remains of our Red Light District at all. On my first drive through, right enough, not a sinner in sight.

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Site Problem Update

For regular readers of this site I am sure you are aware and have noticed that there have been some issues, this has now been fully resolved with some lost data, we are hoping that Sarah will now be able to update us all with the recount of her ga

Redhead Escort in Heston

Has anybody seen or used an escort called  redheadbabe79 from Heston in Hounslow feed back if pos thank you.


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