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Slut News Update

Slut Wife needs cock! I am really struggling to recall when I last got well & truly fucked by a group of strangers. it seems like forever...

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Fucked In A Berlin Sex Cinema

Fucked in Berlin, that's a first and I was not sure it was going to happen, but it did.


OK, it is not eveyone's cup of tea, in fact from what I have read more men do not like it than do, but I love the MMF scenario - whether the husband/partner is just watching, taking pictures or joining in.

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A little bit about me

I am a genuine person who is frequently horny and is willing to try new things (providing there is little or no pain involved and my arsehole remains an exit only orifice).

Extra cock needed for cumslut Penny

I am arranging a session with the famous bareback cumslut Penny and her husband - there are several news items on this site which feature her, and anyone who has had the pleasure of fucking her will know what a dirty cumslut she is.

Bareback Slut Needs Guys Tonight - Kettering Area

I am arranging a last minute session for my sub slut tonight and I need 2 or 3 guys with a recent std test to participate. Message me


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