You being fucked by ugly men

Hi Sarah, i got to say i love how much of a slag you are. You seem like you'd open your legs for any cock. I love slags like that. Women like you are rare.

I love that sort of thing. Seeing sexy confident women being degraded by having their pussies stuffed from cocks of ugly or fat men. When i mean ugly, i mean very ugly. And fat, i mean obese. Men who who have no chance of fucking women in a real life encounters, but because they pay you and you're a total slag..... you give them the chance to make their dreams come true by them getting the chance to relieve that inner frustration of being losers and fucking some nice pussy. You've made them so happy. And even better they get the chance to empty their sack in a raw cunt. All their spunk being nicely spurted into a vagina. Lucky losers. Even better if they are Indians, Arabs or Somalians. Men from a third world background. They crave white women.

Imagine how excited and desperate they are, when they finally get to fuck a women. They'd be more excited than any of the other men you see. They never get the chance in the real world.

And you must feel so slutty and degraded being fucked by these men, but who gives a shit they have cocks. A cock is a cock.

So do you get turned on by being fucked by ugly men? Do you have any pics of you with these type of men? I love to wank to this sort of thing.

Wish i can find a wife like you one day. Your husband is a lucky man.



Sarah's picture

My partner has encouraged me to let anybody fuck me since we first met, so I have always let anybody fuck me, even for free. I have many photos of me being fucked and are trying to get them all together. As a young girl in my 20's and living in Slough, I wa fucked by many old Indians / Pakistanni men while he watched, sometimes in exchange for a £2-3 taxi home on an evening.

As a prostitute / escort I am paid to be fucked and so let anybody who is willing to pay me fuck me.

Sarah x x x

Hello Sarah

I loved Paul88 comments and your reply.

I too love slags and you seem to be the biggest slag going. I also love the fact that you do not care who fucks you. All you want is his cock. Nothing else matters.

I am sure that I will meet you soon to give you a good seeing too. I can't wait to see you because you are, to me, the ultimate slag. Any women who just wants bloke after bloke to pound her cunt one after another is special.

The anticipation of meeting you is something to behold. I will see you soon, hopefully during an open legs day.

I will keep abreast of your movements and hope to see you soon.


Sarah's picture

I love to meet guys that enjoy using a girl like me just for sex, some girls enjoy being dominated, spanked and pain,k not for me. I enjoy being used like a slut by guys that have no respect for me and just want to use a slag for sex and roll off.

It is a big turn on for me knowing that guys know how easy I am and that unlike other girls I will open my legs for anybody who wants to fuck me.

Sarah x x x

Hi Sarah, getting really horny reading about how guys love what a cum-slut, cock-whore you are. Really need to stop off in Berks next time I am on way to airport, if it coincides with an open legs day. Or you should give more thought to spendinhg the day at a manc swingers club!


Sarah's picture

My first experience at a club was in a Manchester swingers club called Adam & Eve, over the years I have been back to visit many times. it is slightly better than it was 20 years ago but it was still a seazy dive the last time I was there. Having said that I am more than happy with it being a sleazy type of place and I always get well fucked by everybody there.

I have alos visited the Boardroom in Cheltenham Street, Manchester, long since closed as well as Cupids

Sarah x x x

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