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I have long wondered why fabswingers attracts so many idiots, I think I now have it sused, they realy can not help it. During a recent check on my web stats on people looking at my site Wife4rent

I discovered that people have found it whilst looking for Fabswingers, the below is what they type into search engines

fabswnger fabwinger fabswings fabswimger fabswiner fbswinger faswinger fabswinger fabwinger fabwsingers fabswingr fabswngers fabswwingers fabswiger fabswinger fagswingers fbaswingers febswingers f abswingers fab wingers fabswingers fabswingers fabswingewrs fabswingersd fabswingres dabswingers fabswungers fabsqingers fabswing ers fabswingerw fabswingersw fabswigers fab swinhers fabswingeers fabswingers fabswingere fabswigners fabswongers fabswi ngers fabswiingers faswingers fab swingres fabswingerts fbswingers fabswingersa fabswinggers fabswinger s fabswingers ffabswingrs fabsiwngers fab swingrrs fabswingers fa bswingers favswingers fabswingwrs fabswin gers fabswingeres fabswonger fabswingwers fabswingerrs fabs winger sabswingers fab swi ngers fabswinngers

Bless them, they just cannot help attracting stupid people who can not spell. They find my site Wife4rent and then follow a link to my profile, I then get a single one line message of the sort you would expect from an idiot.

Glad i have got that worked out now

Sarah x x x



Hello Sarah, you may wish to categorise all those so called stupid people who fail to spell Fabswingers correctly but fail to understand and comprehend that nearly all the miss spelling are simple miss types. Everyone miss types as more often than not they are looking at the keyboard and not what actually appears in text on the screen. It's a simple mistake and your failure or to be quite honest your sniffy "oh arn't I clever attitude" doesn't make you any better than the people who have miss typed. So Sarah. get of your perch, (you're not that speacial) and try being a bit more humble in life. No one likes a smart arse.
Best wishes

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Personally I do noty think I am sniffy at all and do not have a "oh arn't I clever attitude" as you put it. I am sure that if you take a look and read myposting you will come across many spelling mistakes.

Having said that I still stand by my opinion that 99% of guys that contact me from fabswingers are genuine idiots. My profile on Fabswingers, at the moment, clearly states no messages required from anybody, yet each day I get 3-4 messages a day from guys wanting to meet me

I am sure, being a smart arse, you can work that out for yourself!

Sarah x x x

hi sarah,i,ve just come across your site and was wondering how do i rent a wife?and for how long and how much?

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