Malaga - Dogging At the Nudist Beach - Costa Del Sol

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On holiday in Malaga and have freinds staying with us so not getting the cock and spunk that I deserve when on holiday. it may seem strange as I work as an escort that I still would want cock and to be fucked by strangers when I am on holiday. But I do.....

Our friends decided to go off out for the day and called us just after lunch to say that they would not be back till about 7pm that evening. being veryhorny and the weather was very warm with the sun shinning and a clear blue sky we took off to the nudist beach the other side of Malaga.

Dogging In Spain

Nudist beaches in Spain always seem full of guys looking for dogging sex, this one is 15 minutes drive from the centre of Malaga on the Costa del Sol and it is usualy Spanish guys lurking around in cars. After driving round to attract attention we parked up in a secluded area, I got out of the car dressed in a very skimpy see through dress, we had already got a couple of lurkerswho followed us and were watching me, I knew it would not be long before I was getting fucked over the bonet of the car.

Richard came round to the front of the car, turning me to face the guys with my back to him he started to play with my tits, it was not long before they had their cocks out wanking and I gestured to them to come and join in, with a cock in each hand two pairs of hands groping me all over and them taking it in turns to French kiss me I was getting very wet. Richard turned me round and bening me over the bnnet lifted my dress for one of them to slide the first cock in me. One by one I felt each guy take a turn to thrust deep into my sopping wet pussy, it became apparent after the second cock had fucked me that a new one was taking its place, in all seven guys fucked me and each one shot a load of spunk into my already spunky wet cunt. After the last had pulled out I was turned round and told to kneel on the sand, four guys were wanking in front of me and I was soon soon getting a cum facial. I tried to get as much in my mouth as I could but their aim did not seem that good.

Cleaning myself up we left and headed home where Richard then fucked me before our friends returned home. I am not going to get the chance to visit any of the swingers clubs here this time so will be trying to organise a gangbang when I get back to the UK

Sarah x x x

PS I do not normally go dogging in the UK, if I do it is never planned or arranged


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