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I have seven photo sets oo me being fucked bareback on my Adultwork escort profile and I have two sets of me on here in the photo section, one with a white guy and one being fucked by a black guy.

So which do you prefer to see me being used by? Black, White, Asian or do you not care as long as I am being fucked like a dirty slut should be. I love to be fucked and enjoy guys knowing I am such a filthy slut. Richard loves to see me being fucked bareback by anybody and anything, I am not sure about the anything but I do enjoy real cock filling me with lots of creamy spunk

I have lots of people come to the site and read what I write as well as to look at the photos I sometimes put up, but not many people take the time to post comments, the more encouragement I get the more I am happy to share of course you can always pay to see the photos on Adultwork.

Over the week end I will be having a sort out of all my photos, i have got loads scattered on different computer hard drives and need to put them all together, I may even share some with you guys if you let me know which ones you like to see.

And as always, if you want to fuck me for free as a swinger rather than an escort, I can arrange a meet if you are happy for Richard to take photos, Please reply here with details of when you can do and where you live, first part of your profile helps. Berkshire area preferred.

For those not following me on twitter, why not?

My Twitter profile @Wife4rent

Sarah x x

PS Photo below is on my Adultwork escort profile in the Album Open Legs Day 01 from last week at Gatwick


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